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We believe in making lives better by ‘Humanizing Machines’ with a vision of smart living and connected world.

Dream of a smart world– a world where all your essential and lifestyle devices/ gadgets are talking to you in a way to enrich your life, posting their updates, helping you take optimized decisions and facilitating you to control them from anywhere. 

There are lots of firsts in India to our credit – starting from AMR based Prepaid Metering/AMI, Smart City and Smart Grid. We are not boasting!

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Humanizing Machines

With IoT / M2M Technology

Not very far, “Internet” started a revolution, a new perspective, which today has become an integral part of human lives. It is difficult to imagine the world without it. Internet is further evolving into a new format – “Internet of Things”. Internet was about the interaction amongst humans while the Internet of Things (IoT) is about the interaction amongst physical (smart) devices with humans. IoT is making the world a better place to live and work.

“Virtually every animate and inanimate object on Earth could be generating and transmitting data, including our homes, our cars, our natural and man-made environments, and yes, even our bodies.” – Anthony D. Williams

Our Services

Driven by the objective of “Humanizing Machines”, XENIUS has designed and developed solutions for various sectors.


XENIUS has designed and developed several sector specific smart solutions that help in near real time monitoring and managing of important resources for improved efficiency and effectiveness. 

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