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Prepaid meters and smart solutions have multiple gains for all

Smart metering solutions provide a host of benefits to both the consumers as well as the electricity distribution companies.  While smart meters help the consumers in being charged fairly for the actual power consumed, discoms gain by saving on distribution losses and cutting manpower cost for meter reading. *************************************************************************************** The onslaught of coronavirus pandemic and [...]

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DGMS must to keep a tab on your generator

As Diesel Generators are a permanent feature in housing societies and business premises in cities today, monitoring their health, status and other parameters is also of paramount importance. The use of latest technologies and IoT provides an answer to this with the Diesel Generator Monitoring System (DGMS). **************************************************************************************** Electricity has become such an essential part [...]

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IBMS Ensures You Live In A Sustainable Society

Living in a housing society with sustainability goals among its guiding principles has become essential in the present times. With non-renewable resources depleting at an alarming speed, the need for their conservation is increasing by the day. The IBMS ensures just that – by managing and controlling building facilities through the use of advanced technology. [...]

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Smart City Transforms The Way You Live and Work

The future is here! The concept of developing a smart city driven by technology is sure to change the way we live and work. World-over such citizen-friendly and sustainable cities are coming up and India is also not lagging behind. Apart from providing ease-of-living by improving various aspects of our lives, smart cities are the [...]

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End your billing woes; track power usage with Xenius

The coronavirus pandemic virtually brought the entire world, including India, to a standstill and confined people to their homes for well over three months. Most homes had become offices for adults and schools for kids. In such a situation, the usage of more appliances, the internet, and electricity was likely to result in higher [...]

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OEM – A Synonym of Success and Growth!

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is one of the important factors that has started gaining momentum in the manufacturing industries these days. It is a concept that was brought into practice to assist large organizations, to help them maintain their demand and supply curve. Before, we move ahead let us first briefly understand what OEM means [...]

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