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Multipoint power connections offer manifold benefits

To end the malpractices resorted to by builders and RWAs, the Government decided to provide electricity connections directly to flat-owners through multipoint connections. These are easy to install, cost-effective and have a host of other advantages. It is in the interest of housing society residents to move away from old, single-point connections to the multipoint [...]

Technologies behind AMR-based meters

AMR systems, meant to obtain energy-consumption data from the user’s end to the supplier, are run on various technologies. Though all these technologies have hosts of features, they also contain carry many drawbacks. Xenius meters, on the other hand, are IOT/M2M-based AMRs which provide the consumers with a whole lot of rich features. Automatic meter [...]

Move over AMR; AMI is here now!

From mechanical meter reading to automatic to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), the technology that provides two-way communication between the consumer meter and the power utility. AMI-based meters, or smart meters, come loaded with benefits for all the stakeholders of the power industry. They are a way advanced than the AMR-based meters which replaced the mechanical [...]

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