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What states have to offer for EVs-Part III

We noted in the last piece, how Himachal Pradesh is aiming to be a role model for other hilly states in terms of EV adoption and how Uttarakhand has set an ambitious target of 100 pc electrification of all commercial and public transport vehicles in the state. In this write-up, we focus on the EV [...]

What states have to offer for EVs-Part II

In the first part of this series, we talked about how states have been contributing to the Centre’s efforts in pushing electric mobility in the country. We talked at length about the incentive-rich EV policies rolled out by states like Delhi, UP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Let’s take a look at the EV policies of four [...]

What states have to offer to promote EVs

If the electric mobility is gaining a good momentum in the country, a large part of the credit must go the Centre and state governments. While the Centre set the tone with the launch of FAME scheme and came up with other measures also to boost the sale of EVs, various states followed with their [...]

Charging technologies in electrical vehicles

With EV sales gaining momentum all across the globe, the importance of charging infrastructure has also increased manifold. Over the years, charging technologies have evolved a great deal and today there are plenty of these available. Herewith, we present a snapshot of the key charging technologies for electric vehicles.  The gradual rise in the acceptance [...]

Policy-makers and authorities behind EV charging infra

Electric mobility has been getting traction all around the globe but the Paris Agreement is certain to give it a further push. Like most world economies, India too has realised the urgency to shift to EVs and the Government has framed various policies and set up multiple agencies to encourage the use of EVs and [...]

A spurt in the sale of EV 2Ws makes need for EVCD paramount

Electric vehicles, particularly in the two-wheeler segment, are gaining popularity in the country for a variety of reasons. Alongside, the need for a robust charging infrastructure is also becoming essential. Though many EV players have promised to set up their own charging stations, it is paramount to have a decent, domestic charging infrastructure. Radius Synergies’ [...]

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