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Xenius Solutions offer variety of benefits to businesses of all sizes

Business establishments of any size can reap immense benefits with the use of Xenius Solutions. As these are an amalgamation of IoT and M2M-based devices, they are capable of providing multiple benefits that such devices have to offer. Besides tracking expenditure and energy consumption of a company, they can help it in understanding its customers [...]

IoT reinvents life; but safeguards are vital

From opening a door to regulating a whole lot of electronic devices at home with remote devices or simply by voice commands, Internet of Things has changed the way lives are lived in the modern world. But there is a flip side also – the smart devices being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is good that [...]

Xenius complies with all MOP guidelines

Despite their critical importance to the Government, the operations of many organisations in the power sector are not always totally safe. In order to ensure their safety, the Ministry has Power has formulated multiple guidelines. If adhered to strictly, these can safeguard web application servers of the power companies from getting hacked. Radius Synergies has [...]

A complete guide to cyber security norms followed by Xenius

In today’s digitally-run power sector, data storage is of crucial importance. Any compromise with the data, through hacking or whatever, can result in huge losses to power utilities. To guard against it, the Government has formulated a detailed set of guidelines. Xenius systems comply fully to all these guidelines, thereby, ensuring foolproof security of data. [...]

Xenius solutions for cleaner environment

Devices based on advanced technologies, like IoT, M2M and AI, not only provide better efficiency but they are also capable of monitoring air quality and ensuring optimum utilisation of resources. Radius Synergies and its Xenius solutions have been doing an exemplary job in this regard with their smart sensors for water, power, and DG management, [...]

Use of IoT tech vital to create smart infra

The existing infrastructure in our cities is already inadequate to handle the large urban population. And with the numbers set to rise manifold in the coming years, it is headed for a near-collapse. To accommodate and manage the huge urban population, it is essential to create smart infrastructure by using I-T and AI-based technologies. The [...]

Smart grids must to handle energy crisis

With dwindling coal stocks and reduced import volumes of the commodity, thermal plants are incapable of coping up with the ever-increasing electricity demand in the country. This urgently calls for power conservation, which can be largely achieved by DISCOMS going for smart grids. Xenius’ smart grid, plug-n-play solution is the ideal choice in that regard.  [...]

How Xenius prepaid metering system scores over others

Among the multiplicity of functions that IoT-based devices perform, a crucial one is the online tracking of energy consumption. A pioneer in this arena, Radius Synergies’ AMR-based prepaid metering system is the best available system in the country today. Powered by Xenius, it is technologically the most advanced system with a host of unique features.  [...]

IBMS: For optimum use of resources in an efficient manner

The Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) developed by Radius Synergies is the ideal solution to manage multiple functions in a housing society or a commercial establishment. The powerful sensors installed on IBMS ensure that various functions in a high-rise building are carried out in the most efficient manner and without the wastage of energy or [...]

Functioning of DCP and SDP platforms

While a DCP simplifies management of connected devices, an SDP provides service delivery architecture. The platforms support IoT ecosystem, which is an essential part of everyday existence. Since any compromise to IoT devices can lead to disastrous consequences, their security and safety becomes paramount.  A device connection platform (DCP) is a software that treats all [...]

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