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- work with existing infrastructure.

Power Distribution Companies (DISCOM)

The electricity system is based on three pillars i.e. generation-transmission-distribution. Distribution Companies (DISCOM) being the interface and vital link between the Transmission and the consumers are considered to be the most important.

Initiatives towards achieving Smart DISCOM solutions have been around for long but without much success. Factors like lack of financial feasibility, proven technology, approved smart meters have not let the initiative to succeed. XENIUS has developed Plug-n-Play DISCOM Solutions to fulfill this gap. XENIUS Solutions – like Smart Grid, Smart Metering Solution and Smart Street Light have been the first of their kind in the country.

XENIUS Solutions offer the following benefits

No replacement of installed base of existing meters as it is upgraded by plug-n-play solution to make them functionally smart.

As the Device is added on existing meters on its optical port.

Distribution companies are already under heavy losses as they fail in realizing bills on the due date. Manual involvements while readings, power theft, meter tampering are all contributory factors to this. AMI takes care of above pain areas, leading to timely higher revenue realization.

As no meter change is required thereby the consumer perception of the new meter being fast is addressed.

No new regulatory framework required as the existing CMRI port is being used to read the meter, a standard industry practice for collecting meter reading.

In the same cluster, few customers with high contract demand can be on AMR, few can be fitted with AMR along with disconnection device and willing customers to participate in Demand Side Management can be provided with HAN-enabled device controller for demand side management.

OTT solution is based on M2M thereby, devices can perform an action as per pre-set rule and intimate the back-end regarding action taken.

OTT modules can be configured remotely to read different makes of the meter, thus in case any meter is changed due to the fault, the same module can be reprogrammed to read another make meter. While, in the case of a smart meter, a costlier meter will be required to be changed.

OTT solution and it’s back-end IT platform has web services and can be integrated with existing IT back-end of utility through API.

Distributed Intelligence:

  • Processing and capabilities spread across solution span, making it a distributed intelligence architecture

  • Field operations on NAN/HAN side continue working as desired even if WAN connectivity (GPRS) is down for some reasons.

  • With the available intelligence at edges, devices can perform an action as per pre-set rule and intimate the back-end regarding action taken.

  • Tiny MDAS sitting right at the end device. This eliminates the need of powerful backend computing power, heavy I/O and delays in execution of actions. All this results in a simple, efficient and agile system with reduced cost of ownership.

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