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Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS)


Energy Saving


Facility Expense Reduction


Water Leakage Reduction


Maintenance Expense Reduction

To ensure a comfortable living, safety, security, and optimized resource usage, XENIUS provides Integrated Building Management System.

Let us understand what we mean by “Integrated”. A Building needs to manage Infrastructure related subsystems like – Electric Metering, Water Management, DG Management, Street Lights etc., which work in silos. XENIUS’ IBMS Solution is a System of Subsystems. It enables subsystems to communicate, establishes the optimal use of resources and regulates building facilities.

Now the question is – “How does it help?”. Consider a case when Diesel Generator is working at 30% of its capacity, it consumes more fuel. DG set works optimally at 80% of the maximum capacity. Can we utilize the DG set at the same time to fill the water tanks? The answer is Yes! Not only it saves the fuel, saves you further electricity cost. This is possible only when one system is able to communicate with another.

There are hundreds of such cases for which XENIUS IBMS has been optimized. XENIUS solutions in a way pay for themselves by the amount of savings they do for you.

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Key Features

All XENIUS’s offers following Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) features from central control room. These features are a delights for any contract management agency who is monitoring a large group housing society or office premises.

Monitoring and Controlling devices (like HVAC, Lights) from remote locations

Macro and Micro level Energy Utilization Measurement of Building

Consolidated Common Platform and Data Analysis Dashboard

Water Resources Monitoring

and Control

Ease of Integration

with Systems

Integrated Building Management System Overview

IBMS solution being offered by XENIUS provides an integrated platform for monitoring and control of various critical parameters for improving and optimizing the operational efficiency of any building. This has the potential of significant reduction of the expenses being incurred for its day to day operations as well as making it get closer to green concepts and reducing carbon footprints for a sustainable future. Various commonly used sub-systems that synergize to orchestrate IBMS are:

  • Unified Command and Control – for aggregated visualization and decision making
  • Smart Energy Management and Data Analysis – Utility and DG supply
  • Smart Street Light Management – time based, lux based, on-demand
  • Smart Water Management
  • HVAC Monitoring and Control

Based on the specific needs, a suitable combination out of the above sub-systems or any additional new sub-systems are combined to come up with a customized solution offering. Various XENIUS family components involved in providing a solution are:

  • Energy Management Modules
  • Adaptors
  • Gateways
  • Smart Light Management Modules
  • Smart Water Management Modules
  • Industry Available Sensors


All hardware components used for the above components are industrial grade components that can withstand extreme weather and climatic conditions. The modules carry standard certifications and are IP 55 or IP 65 depending on the field requirements.

At the installation site, multiple network configurations operate for capturing of the required data from various sub-systems involved and passing it on to the backend platform.

  • A suitable communication mechanism (RS232, RS485, Optical, IR) helps fetch data from various end devices. The data from various sub-systems is collected by the respective XENIUS Adaptors on a pre-defined time frequency. Several such wired networks operate in a tower / premises.
  • XENIUS Bridges helps coordinate the activities across various sub-systems through pre- defined rule based intelligence. Bridges also help communication with XENIUS Gateways.
  • Several Adaptors and /or Bridges form a network mesh operating on RF 865 Mhz free band. Depending on the premises layout and number of end points or sub-systems to be managed, there could be one or more such RF networks configured and implemented per premises and communicate independently amongst themselves without any interference. All data for a RF network or sub-system gets aggregated on the Gateway managing that network and subsequently communicated to the backend platform on a secure GPRS private APN.
  • The data is processed based on various business rules and rendered on a common command and control platform. The platform also provides analytics and historical reports for the parameters being monitored. Wherever applicable, the platform also provides facility for controlling various devices.
  • The advantage of becoming energy efficient by minimizing energy usage and waste
  • Increasing the value of your business and property
  • Providing sustainable solutions to your building infrastructure
  • Providing security for your property, building, its’ occupants, and business assets such as IT data and resources
  • Decreasing equipment operating cost expenditures by about 15% annually
  • Conserve resources of the natural environment
  • Provide access control to elevators and every area of your building
  • Minimize the risk of employee theft, tampering or break-ins
  • Provide an intensive security operation to avert criminal activity and damage to your property

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