With the vision of ensuring a comfortable living, safety, security, and optimized resource usage – Radius provides an Integrated Building Management System. Every building needs to manage Infrastructure related subsystems like – Electric Metering, Water Management, DG Management, Street Lights, CCTV, etc., which work in silos. Radius’ IBMS Solution is a System of Subsystems. It enables subsystems to communicate while establishing the optimal use of resources and regulating the building facilities.

The Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) features are beneficial in monitoring a large group of housing societies or office premises. From monitoring and controlling devices (like HVAC, Lights) from remote locations, macro and micro-level energy utilization measurement of building, a consolidated common platform and data analysis dashboard, environmental monitoring, water resources monitoring and control, illumination monitoring and control, ease of integration with systems to security and surveillance also. All these features make the IBMS a unique platform.

Monitoring and control of different appliances are managed with the help of Smart Xenius devices through the IBMS Dashboard. A feature in the dashboard of IBMS is Reports. Wherein all reports related to energy consumption by different kinds of appliances with accuracy. Hence, it becomes easy to analyses the performance of the appliances and estimate the usage of energy. These reports are available on a daily and monthly basis.

IBMS has several advantages to it, besides being an energy-efficient system by minimizing energy usage and waste, all the others are listed below:

  • Increasing the value of your business and property.
  • Providing sustainable solutions to your building infrastructure and the environment.
  • Providing security for your property, building, its occupants, and business assets such as IT data and resources.
  • Providing indoor environmental safety and comfort through your HVAC system.
  • Decreasing equipment operating cost expenditures by about 15% annually.
  • Conserve resources of the natural environment.
  • Provide access control to elevators and every area of your building.
  • Minimize the risk of employee theft, tampering, or break-ins.
  • Provides an intensive security operation to avert criminal activity and damage to your property.

IBMS solution offered by XENIUS is an integrated platform for monitoring and control of various critical parameters, improving and optimizing the operational efficiency of any building. With a potential of significant reduction of the expenses being incurred for its day to day operations as well as making it get closer to green concepts and reducing carbon footprints for a sustainable future.