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Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry, Over the period is facing challenges with reduced margin, labour, competition, power charges, and maintenance of heavy Machinery

Xenius Is not an answer to all the challenges it can you still strike out few of them

  • Power bills

    XENIUS Solution for manufacturing industry help reduces one of the important cost component – Power Bills. Today, you have no means to measure the power consumption at a unit level. Our Power Audit System provides you the power consumption pattern to benchmark against historical consumption and also with similar machine units. You can then easily figure out which unit is consuming higher power than normal, to take the corrective action.

  • Machine maintenance cost

    The cost of machine breakdown is pretty high especially when there is urgent production. XENIUS Solution gives you the visibility of vital machine maintenance statistics like temperature, coolant level, power consumption pattern, etc. You can see when there is a distortion from normal trend. This will enable you to take the corrective action at the right time, saving you maintenance breakdown time and money. 

No one knows Manufacturing Industry Solution better than XENIUS

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