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Prepaid Electric Metering Solution

XENIUS pioneered the concept of AMR-based Prepaid Metering in India in 2002 and did its first implementation in 2003, that is perfectly operational as of today also. XENIUS fought at two ends to ensure the implementation – the technical research and the legal front. Let’s save this story for another day!

How do you decide which Prepaid Metering Solution is best for your requirements? Let’s dig deeper.

The four important questions that you should ask yourself before deciding –

  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership of the Solution?

  • Is the solution 100% compliant as per the latest Electricity Metering regulations?

  • Would the Solution help in reducing the number of Customer Grievances?

  • How is the track record of the Solution provider?

Prepaid Electric Metering is one of the flagship solutions of XENIUS. Here is our GUARANTEE!

We beat the competition in every aspect.

  • Be it the Product

  • Be it the Service

  • Be it the Cost of Ownership

The list of ‘WHY XENIUS’ does not ends here, rather it just starts.

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XENIUS Prepaid Metering Solution has the lowest Cost of Ownership

Know why XENIUS is #1 Solution

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Key Features

All our prepaid energy meter are compliant against IS:13779 specifications from BIS. This ensures that all prepaid Electricity Meters meet the required quality and precision standards. All XENIUS devices installed as a part of solution are made from industrial grade specifications components, thereby ensuring an installation that works reliably under all weather conditions for several years. Some of the key features of the solution are

Features That Put You In Control

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Prepaid Metering Solution Overview

Leveraging on its IOT/M2M platform, the prepaid solution is one of the most technologically advanced systems on offer in this segment. A typical installation comprises of the following field devices:

  • Smart Meter: BIS approved dual sense energy meters
  • XENIUS Adaptor: For communicating and controlling a set of smart meters on a single distribution panel and interconnected on a Modbus architecture. Adaptor helps achieve fetching of periodic energy-related data or performing any control functions on the smart meter. Adaptors communicate with XENIUS Gateway on a secure RF neighborhood area network
  • XENIUS Gateway: Monitors and collects data, from the individual adaptors monitoring the equipment/appliances through appropriate sensors (Probe) / interfaces, supported by desired rule engines. The gateway directly communicates with the cloud-based backend Xenia IOT platform using a GPRS based secured private APN.
  • Xenia Backend Platform: Receives data from various field Gateways and processes, persists, analyses and presents to various stakeholders through the web and mobile apps. The backend platform also serves as a revenue management system for all accounting purposes.
At the installation site, multiple network configurations operate for reading the meter data from each individual meters and passing it on to the backend platform.

  • A wired RS485 protocol helps fetch data from all the energy meters installed on a single panel. Usually, the number ranges of meters very from four to twelve depending on a number of dwelling units per floor. The data from each such RS485 network is collected by the adaptor on a pre-defined time frequency. Several such wired RS485 networks operate in a tower/premises. The adaptors operate on RF network for further communication.
  • Several such adaptors form a network mesh operating on RF 865 Mhz free bands. Depending on the premises layout and number of end meters to be managed, there could be one or more such RF networks configured and implemented per premises and communicate independently amongst themselves without any interference. Each such RF network gets controlled by a Gateway. All data for an RF network gets aggregated on the Gateway managing that network and subsequently communicated to the backend platform on a secure GPRS private APN.
  • The data is processed to calculate consumption from each meter and goes about reducing individual prepaid balance against that consumer. The moment a consumer’s balance goes below a stipulated minimum, the consumer is informed for recharge using offline or online methods. If threshold goes below cut-off, the supply gets disconnected and gets restored once the balance is replenished. At any time, all data is transparently available to all stake- holders.
  • Buying tokens is as easy as pie
  • Monitor your consumption
  • Manage all resources better
  • Paying for the correct amount of electricity
  • Budget in advance
  • Easier top-ups
  • Checking your remaining credit is easy
  • Daily Balance Updates
  • Effective optimisation of electricity consumption
  • Online Account Management

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