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The real estate industry is witnessing too many changes in terms of regulations, market dynamics, consumer expectations, and transparency. On a larger landscape, all these changes are extremely important and expected to help all the stakeholders. These should also help in bringing formalization to the industry. Recently introduced Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA), emphasizes Transparency, Accountability, and Prolonged Service Support.

XENIUS had always focused on Transparency as its core value, its Solutions inherently comply with RERA regulations. XENIUS has built real estate sector specific IoT Solutions to manage infrastructure systems – starting from Prepaid Metering, IBMS, Water Management, DG Management, Street Light Management, FTTH to Smart City Solutions. XENIUS Solutions save enough to pay for themselves.

Find listed below some of the key pain areas of real estate and how XENIUS solutions can help resolve them

Real-time consumption of electricity units and its rate is not managed by the estate management agency. Apart from electricity charges, charges related to common area maintenance, water, club etc also need to be realized from the consumers. The bills presented to the consumer are not well detailed, leading to grievances. Further, as billings are done manually they are prone to errors.


Solution– Prepaid Electricity Metering

Generator sets are critical to managing power failures. Manual management leads to higher fuel consumption and maintenance cost. This cost is not visible as there is no record. Proactive maintenance based on alerts, optimum usage of DG Sets as per power demand helps save the operational cost as well as increases the asset life.

Solution- DG Management

The cost of staff to manage and maintain infrastructural facilities like the power back -up, lifts, water tanks, garbage provisions, street lighting and parking facility is high. Moreover, it is prone to errors leading to high complaints from residents. You can avoid all of that by implementing XENIUS IBMS. It further helps you minimize the resolution time.


Solution- IBMS (Integrated Building Management Systems)

Obsolete transmission lines, faulty power infrastructure, phase imbalance on transformers, and poor power factor result in exorbitant power bills not in accordance with the actual consumer consumption. Real Estate Developer needs to bear the difference between power consumed and power received. XENIUS Smart Metering can keep end-to-end watch and provide real-time alerts to minimize this difference.

Solution- Smart Metering

No one knows Real Estate requirements better than XENIUS!

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