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XENIUS is the only company in India that has successfully implemented smart city model at Mahindra World City Jaipur in 2014.

Governments Smart City Mission States

“Cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions. The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development.”

Inline with the government mission, XENIUS’ Smart City Solution provides an ecosystem which is safe, green and improves the quality of life. It is a system of subsystems built to manage Power, Water, Waste, Parking, Surveillance, and Communication Infrastructure. XENIUS’ proven technological solutions, domain expertise coupled with state of the art R&D facilities allow it to provide a world-class solution.

Various sub-systems offered by XENIUS –
  • Unified Command and Control platform – for aggregated visualization and decision making
  • Smart Energy Management and Data Analysis – Utility and DG supply
  • Smart Street Light Management – time-based, lux-based, on-demand
  • Smart Water Management – for automated operations of motors and pumps

XENIUS can design a custom solution using a suitable combination out of the above sub-systems or any additional sub-systems.

Would you like to know how XENIUS’ Smart City Solution can manage City Facilities and Services more efficiently?

Key Features

Offerings from XENIUS for achieving Smart City objectives by maximum utilisation of existing Infrastructure.

Smart Metering Solution

Temperature Monitoring

Street Light Management





Water Resource Management

Smart City Solution Overview

Infrastructure elements are the citizens of cities. For a city to be smart, its infrastructure has to be smart. Smart City solutions offered by XENIUS provide the required sub-systems that can be used for making critical infrastructure elements like energy, lighting, water work in a smart manner. Moreover, the integrated platform for monitoring and control of various critical parameters from such sub-systems can be used for improving and optimizing the overall smartness and operational efficiency of any city. The resulting integrated solutions have the potential to significant reduction of the expenses being incurred for its day to day operations as well as get closer to green concepts and reducing carbon footprints for a sustainable future. Various sub-systems offered by XENIUS that synergize to orchestrate a Smart City are:

  • Unified Command and Control platform – for aggregated visualization and decision making
  • Smart Energy Management and Data Analysis – Utility and DG supply
  • Smart Street Light Management – time based, lux based, on-demand
  • Smart Water Management – for automated operations of motors and pump

Based on the specific needs, a suitable combination out of the above sub-systems or any additional new sub-systems are combined to come up with a customized solution offering for implementing some important aspects of any smart city initiative. Significant advantages achieved are:
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Live Dashboards
  • Alarms and Alerts
  • User engagement / empowerment
  • Analytics
All hardware components used for the above components are of industrial grade components that can withstand extreme weather and climatic conditions. The modules carry standard certifications and are IP 55 or IP 65 depending on the field requirements.

At the installation site, multiple network configurations operate for capturing of the required data from various sub-systems involved and passing it on to the backend platform.

  • A suitable communication mechanism (RS232, RS485, Optical, IR) helps fetch data from various end devices. The data from various sub-systems is collected by the respective XENIUS Adaptors on a pre-defined time frequency. Several such wired networks operate in a city area.
  • XENIUS Bridges helps coordinate the activities across various sub-systems through pre- defined rule based intelligence. Bridges also help communication with XENIUS Gateways.
  • Several Adaptors and /or Bridges form a network mesh operating on RF 865 Mhz free band. Depending on the area layout and number of end points or sub-systems to be managed, there could be one or more such RF networks configured and implemented per premises and communicate independently amongst themselves without any interference. All data for a RF network or sub-system gets aggregated on the Gateway managing that network and subsequently communicated to the backend platform on a secure GPRS private APN.
  • The data is processed based on various business rules and rendered on a common command and control platform. The platform also provides analytics and historical reports for the parameters being monitored. Wherever applicable, the platform also provides facility for controlling various devices.
  • It can improve life of people who live in or around big cities. Smart city means it has everything
  • It can improve basic necessities like power, water, sanitation, health etc. Basic things are surely provided in a smart city
  • It can help reduce travel time within the city. Additional infrastructure will help in commuting
  • it can improve health services in the city with more hospitals. Focus is always on prevention
  • It can help clean environment with technology like solar etc and more green area in a planned way
  • It will uplift life of poor and lower middle class people. It can provide low cost, affordable housing
  • Once social structure is improved it will help overcome problems related to religion, myths, caste etc etc

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