Smart Gateway

Smart M2M Gateway is a robust, reliable and configurable communication device that can be adapted to multiple types of IoT applications. With advanced capabilities like edge intelligence, field upgrades, communication redundancy and a host of protocol support, it helps connect heterogeneous field devices through various ports with the backend Xenia IoT platform through a GPRS based secure private APN for two-way communication to enable real time monitoring and control. It also supports recent technologies like 4G and 5G.

As an example use case, in case of Smart Metering, Xenius Gateway can interface with any standard electronic meter(s) directly or to a bunch of meters through a Xenius Coordination Bridge through multiple communication options like RS232, RS485, wired probes or wireless RF network. Through its Digital and Analog input/output ports, Xenius Gateway is capable of interfacing, sensing and controlling additional sensors and relays.


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Technical Specifications

Operating bandDual Band modem capable of operating at 900 and 1800 MHz
Transmission ModeSupport Data transmission. Has fall back option of GPRS & EDGE
PowerMaximum Power Output is 2 W at 900 MHz (Class 4) and 1W at 1800 MHz (Class 1)
V A Burden of the Modem should not exceed 3.5 VA during data communication
Sensitivity< -100 dBm
Data FeaturesSupports setting of modem over the air and also standard AT Command set for local settings
AntennaExternal antenna is a flexible antenna with proper mounting arrangements
Communication in different configuration
RS 485/RS232 for Neighbourhood Area Network (NAN) side and 4G fallback to 2G on WAN side for communication with DCP. NAN is a network comprising of group of meters/nodes or any other network elements or all of which that communicates in a two-way mode
Baud RateCapable to communicate with the meters as per meter’s standard communication baud rates
Firmware Upgrade
Firmware Over The Air (FOTA), all the controller are FOTA enabled and there should be no requirement to physically change or upgrade the firmware
Parameter UpgradeOver The Air. All the threshold parameters are configurable from backend over the air
Outage DetectionAble to detect power outage and issue notification to Head-End System
Number of metersSupports aggregation of up to 52 meters
TamperIssues immediate alert on opening of casing
A compact housing of polycarbonate/engineering plastic/Metallic enclosure having IP55 degree of protection
Power Consumption<= 5 Watts
Operating Voltage90V AC to 440V AC P-P& P-N, 50 Hz with a variance of upto 5%
Rated impulse withstand voltage/Surge10 kV
Power Backup
Internal backup for minimum 6 Hour. The device updates the backend platform about its supply with time stamp
Operating Conditions-20o to 70o C, Humidity: - 95% RH (Non - Condensing)
Operational Indicator
The Gateway has separate LED indications for transmit data, for receive data, AC power and Power ON, etc. to indicate Power on state and to indicate the availability of signal at the place of installation
SIMSupports Dual SIM (4G fallback 2G)
Management PortSerial Port
NAN Interface PortAdditional 1COM ports
Network Security128 Bit AES and private APN on WAN with static IP allocation on DCU
Edge IntelligencePre-defined exceptions to be handled at per delegated intelligence to the Gateway
Mounting ArrangementPanel and wall mounting option
Enclosure Material
Material is of unbreakable fire retardant and high-quality polycarbonate as approved by the purchaser. Resistant to action of chemical alkalis and other solvents. IP 55
Name Plate and Marking
Name plate format and details shall be approved by client. The following data can be      bar-coded/printer on the outer casing:
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturing Date (mm/yyyy)
  • Property of Client