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Smart Grid Solution

Thinking about Smart Grid, think of XENIUS, the pioneers in smart grid technology. XENIUS currently is the only organization in India that has successfully deployed smart grid pilot in the city of Ajmer in the year 2016.

XENIUS’ Smart Grid, Plug-n-Play Solution gives complete control to the distribution company. We collect data in real time, analyze it, provide real-time visualization, deviations, actionable insights, alert and lot more.

The capabilities include

  • A Plug-n-Play System that can be easily integrated with the existing metering and IT infrastructure

  • Access Controlled dashboard from feeder to consumer

  • Distribution network optimization

  • Configurable alerts for AT&C Losses imbalances, low power factor, overloaded transformers, etc.

  • Supports both Postpaid and Prepaid billing models

  • Private APN for data security

  • Reliable self-healing mesh network topology for neighbor area network

  • Mobile App for consumer with consumption details and trends

NTPC, PVVNL, LESA, UPPCL, AVVNL are some of the utilities that have used XENIUS Smart Grid solution.

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Key Features

XENIUS Smart Grid Solution enables higher visibility and control, saving money for both, utility companies and consumers.

XENIUS makes Electricity Visible. Want to know more?

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Smart Grid Overview

Out of the three phases of generation, transmission and distribution of energy, the last one i.e. distribution is the most prone to aggregated technical and commercial losses (AT&C). The national average AT&C losses are to the tune of 27% and going as high as 65% for some states/areas. In most developed countries, the losses are less than 10%, the global lowest being 3% in Israel. These losses are a big deterrent to discoms responsible for power distribution. This points to the significant importance of implementing smart solutions, specifically focussed towards reducing the losses at distribution level.

Smart Grid solutions offered by XENIUS have several distinguishing features that make it stand out from other conventional systems available.

  • Leverage existing deployed metering infrastructure by making existing IS 13779 meters’ smart using Over The Top (OTT) approach
  • Fully compliant with respect to all existing regulations and standards
  • Faster Implementation with Least Consumer Apprehension
  • Mix Mode Deployment – same module for single phase, three phase, LT-CT. Gives flexibility to pick and choose based on needs (e.g. UDAY scheme targets)
  • Works as bridge between existing meter and existing back-end IT system of utility. No need to change back-end IT systems.
  • Operates with all makes of meter as per existing IS13779 specs versus one make of smart meter.
  • Investment protection for OTT module – in case of fault in meter, only meter needs to be changed. Module can work with different makes of meter.
  • Mobile apps for consumer engagement and empowerment.

For a typical smart grid implementation, multiple network configurations operate for capturing of the required data from various meters (LT, HT, Single Phase, Three Phase, DT, different makes) involved and passing it on to the backend platform.

  • A suitable communication mechanism (RS232, RS485, Optical, IR) helps fetch data from the existing meter ports of IS13779 meters. The data is collected by the XENIUS Adaptors on a pre-defined time frequency
  • XENIUS Bridges helps coordinate the activities across various sub-systems through pre-defined rule based intelligence. Bridges also help communication with XENIUS Gateways that are generally installed on the DT that supplies energy to the connected consumers
  • Several Adaptors and /or Bridges form a network mesh operating on RF 865 Mhz free band. Depending on the area layout and number of end points to be managed, there could be one or more such RF networks configured and implemented and communicate independently amongst themselves without any interference. All data for a RF network gets aggregated on the Gateway managing that network and subsequently communicated to the backend platform on a secure GPRS private APN
  • The data is processed based on various business rules and rendered through a web based platform. The platform also provides analytics and historical reports for the parameters being monitored. Wherever applicable, the platform also provides facility for controlling various devices like remote disconnection / reconnection or Peak Load Management (PLM)
  • End users are provided with mobile apps for regularly viewing and monitoring their energy consumption data along with aggregated reports for monthly consumption
  • It overhauls aging equipment
  • It equips the grid to meet increasing demand
  • It decreases brownouts, blackouts, and surges
  • It gives you control over your power bill
  • It facilitates real-time troubleshooting
  • It reduces expenses to energy producers
  • It makes renewable power feasible
  • It maintains our global competitiveness

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