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Solar Power Management

Xenius gets seamlessly integrated with Solar Inverters and helps monitor and manage various aspects from efficient operations as well as Monitoring and Verification (M&V) to meet regulatory needs. All the important data related to various sources of power like solar, grid, battery, DG etc get visualized and managed in an intuitive manner. All this provided deep insights and helps meet the energy needs is an optimized manner, making the overall energy infrastructure much more efficient and agile.

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MANAGERS to evaluate ROI that impact the performance and to follow key metrics such as actual production against the budget.

OPERATORS to be on top of down times, under performance, and to keep track of all documentation and logs

ANALYSTS as a first instance to find under performing assets and suggest actions for increased solar energy production

Few highlights of our solar photovoltaics management system

  • Increase uptime and leverage asset production more effectively

  • Take targeted actions based on observed trends or degradation of performance

  • View production data, warnings, alarms and many other key metrics in real-time

  • Monitor your entire system of solar panels including main power and inverters.

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XENIUS’ Solar Power Management offers following features.

All XENIUS’s offers following Solar Power Management  features from central control room. These features are a delights for any contract management agency who is monitoring a large PV based power plants.

When Solar meets Optimization, the result is Powerful.

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