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A big step towards standardisation of EV battery-charging

The ongoing process of setting up EV charging stations across the country is saddled with a major issue – the lack of any standardisation for chargers or their batteries. Thankfully enough, it is going of be resolved to a large extent with the setting up of a consortium by four major auto players.  As the [...]

EV battery market in for bright future

With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles in the country, the charging infrastructure is also getting strengthened gradually. The next big requirement is to bring down the cost of EVs, which is only possible by bringing in cheaper lithium-ion batteries. With policy support from the Government, lot of established companies and some startups are [...]

Policy-makers and authorities behind EV charging infra

Electric mobility has been getting traction all around the globe but the Paris Agreement is certain to give it a further push. Like most world economies, India too has realised the urgency to shift to EVs and the Government has framed various policies and set up multiple agencies to encourage the use of EVs and [...]

Smart Grid Mission: A solution to power woes faced by India

Due to a number of reasons, traditional power grids are incapable of coping up with the ever-increasing power demand in the country and they need to be replaced with smart grids. To ensure this, the Government had launched a National Smart Grid Mission (NSGM) which is set to achieve its objectives by 2025. Read all [...]

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